Entrepreneurial Author Awareness e-Course

Insider Strategies to Design a Lifestyle Business You Love


Master the 4 pillars essential to creating a highly successful, unique, online business, based on the content in your book

Positioning, Presence
and Voice

Develop an online strategy for branding your entrepreneurial author business and promoting it in social media.

Building an
Online Community

Create an email marketing strategy to grow your community of readers and nurture your future clients

Iressistable Offers: Turn your Fans Into Clients

Learn the business strategies the world’s most successful authors use to generate millions, so they can live the Laptop Lifestyle

Craft Your Premium
Client Experience

Design a Powerful Signature Program unique to you that keeps them coming back to learn more and telling all of their friends.

Our Clients are Seen On:

Here's What You'll Learn

We’ll teach you how to take what you're knowledgeable and passionate about and turn it into content that people will want to buy.

  • How to gain visibility to sell your books, products and programs
  • Understand the correct Social Media Foundation for your online business

  • Create your Personal Brand

  • How to automate your business, creating the freedom to live the Laptop Lifestyle
  • Design a powerful, transformational give-away to attract new people to your community
  • Evaluate and choose the business design to create a 6+ figure business plan for your Book as an Entrepreneurial Author
  • How to customize events and programs that your clients will love
  • Create measurable actions steps for your online community so they feel challenged and successful

"Kristen brings together different elements of the best practices for becoming known, getting our message out there, and getting filmed with a professional image. I have been stuck in a lab too long to manage this on my own. If one is ready to become a public figure for your topic, then this is absolutely the way to go."

Anastasia Chopelas

"Kristen helped me solidify my message to align more authentically with my mission and expertise. Connect with her at the risk of being wildly successful at shining to the world as the real YOU."

Jennifer Williams

"Kristen helped me refine my niche, and better define my programs and offers. Within three months of working with her, I had my best month ever of over $40,000 in revenue."

Cheryl Heppard

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